My name is Tiago Silva, I'm from Portugal, and I love technology :)

Tiago Silva posing for a picture on a lush green landscape.
Me enjoying some time out in nature :)

I built my first website in 2018 as a challenge for a job interview. In the end, I didn't get the job, but that was the start of my journey building websites.

The first platform I used was WordPress. At that time, with my limited knowledge and budget, it was hard to make the site look good, be fast, and still have enough time to write the articles.

It was no surprise that I quit that website after 4 months because I was not enjoying maintaining it with all the technical difficulties I faced.

Some time passed, and I gave WordPress another try, and the results were the same: I enjoyed having a website, but it was too much trouble to set up and making it look pretty. Surely, there was a better way...

So, I started my journey of trying other tools looking for an answer.

For me, this felt like playing as I was testing new platforms and made lots of notes about them to help me decide which one is better for my needs. You see where this is going, right?

And this website was born, so I could share my knowledge and opinions to help creators find the best technology for their needs.

The Stack Junction history

I bought the domain for The Stack Junction in January 2021 but only published my first post in June after spending some time frustrated with WordPress.

Technology to build websites interests me a lot, and I love to test those tools. And since I saw lots of people confused about how to build websites, I decided it was time to help them.

That's why this website represents a win-win-win scenario. I help you with good guides while I write about something I love, and possibly make money with it.

After all, learning to build websites took me lots of time and money to learn, so I want you to avoid the same mistakes.

You can also follow the journey on my YouTube channel.