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Midnight hosting review - affordable managed hosting for Ghost CMS

Picking a good hosting company is crucial for your website. In this review, you'll find what value Midnight provides to Ghost websites.
Midnight hosting review - affordable managed hosting for Ghost CMS

Ghost CMS is a great option to build your website, and now it's time to choose a reliable hosting company for it.

I present you, Midnight hosting. An affordable and one of the best managed hosting for Ghost.

In this review, you'll find what makes Midnight a worthy hosting company besides their lack of reputation, like some of the biggest names.

Midnight is the company I trust to host this website.

Now, let's see if you should also trust them.

Affiliate disclaimer: some links are affiliates. This means that if you buy after clicking on one of those, I get a commission at no additional cost for you.


  • Midnight is a young company, created in 2019.
  • Their services are focused on affordable managed hosting for Ghost.
  • Their pricing is good for the value provided.
  • Creating a website with Midnight is easy and fast.
  • My experience with their support has been great.
  • This company is relatively unknown.

I recommend Midnight hosting because of its generous limits. Their plans allow unlimited members, custom theme upload and custom integrations.


Midnight is one of the best managed hosting companies for Ghost CMS.

Established in 2019, the company goal is to provide "customers with the ability to easily and affordably setup a Ghost blog instantly".

In 2019, Ghost was already used by more than half a million websites and it kept growing in popularity. Yet, there were 2 problems: having a Ghost website was expensive and not intuitive to self-host.

How expensive? Prices started at $29/month. This was harsh for people starting a website without visitors nor revenue.

Also, self-hosting a Ghost website isn't easy for non-tech savvy people. One of the weaknesses of self-hosting is the need to use the command line a lot.

Midnight existence fixes these 2 issues.

First, it has a generous $15/month plan. This includes up to 100 000 page views per month, custom integrations and no long-term contract.

Second, they offer managed hosting. This means Midnight handles the set-up and maintenance of the website. By taking most of the hard and tedious work, Midnight allows customers to focus on creating content.

This leads us to the Pros and Cons of using Midnight to host a Ghost website.


As a Midnight customer, I praise their work.

Here is a list of the best reasons to use Midnight.

Creating a Ghost website is easy. I'll show below how you can have your Ghost website created in 5 minutes. The process is automatic and easy.

Great support. Every time I had questions Midnight team was fast and helpful. I was treated the same before and after being a customer.

Reasonable prices. Pricing is good and offers a lot of value for money. Right now, the Standard plan is one of the cheapest plans with high usage limits.

No long term contracts. Every plan is paid monthly. So, you won't be locked in.


Lack of reputation. The biggest reason to question whether Midnight is reliable is the lack of reputation.

There isn't much content available online about this company. I first encountered them in the r/Ghost subreddit. So, there weren't many good or bad things related to them at the moment.

Expensive subfolder fee. Midnight charges $20/month on top of your plan to make this available.

Using yourdomain.com/blog will cost a whopping $240 per year. This subfolder system can be useful in some cases. For example, using a flexible CMS as the base of the website and Ghost only for blog posts.

Plans and features

Midnight has 3 plans: Standard ($15/month), Plus ($20/month), Business ($65/month).

All plans are available only monthly since there are no long-term contracts.

The cheaper plan starts at $15/month and includes:

  • up to 100 000 pageviews per month
  • unlimited members
  • unlimited staff members
  • 20 GB of storage

Also, all plans include:

  • Ghost v4.x
  • Unlimited Members
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom theme upload
  • SSL Certificate Included
  • Custom Domain Setup
  • CDN for Images
  • Managed Hosting & Security
  • Automatic Updates
  • Automatic Backups
  • Customer Support

>Note: If you plan to send more than 6 thousand emails per month through Ghost: the Plus plan can be cheaper than paying for Mailgun emails on an ad hoc basis.

Creating website

Creating a website on Midnight is easy.

Pick the plan, enter your name and email, and give a name to the blog. Then, go to the payment page and complete the purchase.

Choose a plan and sign up for Midnight hosting

After you buy, expect an email with the login instructions and password.

sign up email sent by Midnight with password and instructions

Your website will be created in a couple of minutes, as per the confirmation email.

For security reasons, change the password after the first login.

Now, let's see how to add a custom domain name.

Setting custom domain name for Ghost on Midnight

By now, your Midnight website is created. It should be available on a subdomain. For example sitename.midnight.blog.

Yet, you might want to change to your custom domain name. Send them an email to and request instructions for the custom domain.

I used cPanel to change the DNS records and enable the custom domain. Alternatively, you could use Cloudflare. It's the same process and logic.

Follow these 3 steps on cPanel before adding the instructions of the email:

  1. Go to Zone Editor.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Add a new record.
On cPanel dashboard click on Zone Editor
Step 1. Go to Zone Editor
On the Zone Editor click on Manage for the website you want to add records
Step 2. Click Manage

In step 3, you'll need to add 2 records. 1 for www subdomain (www.yourdomain.com) and 1 for the root domain (yourdomain.com)

Click on Add Record to point domain into Midnight servers
Step 3. Add new records


This young company does a lot of good stuff.

Midnight offers unlimited members, custom theme upload and custom integrations in all plans. This is the reason I recommend Midnight hosting over the official managed hosting Ghost (PRO).

The pricing is reasonable, servers are fast, plans offer good value, and the process is easy.

The experience as a customer has been smooth. I got my website ready in 5 minutes, and most tickets are replied to in under 24 hours.

Also, this is an indie project I'm happy to support with my money.

Having that said, I rate Midnight with an A+ grade.

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