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Time vs money - The dilemma for creators

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  • Time vs money is a constant trade-off for creators. Spend time = you save money. Spend money = save time.
  • Spending money has the benefit of saving energy by getting help with things you don't like to do.
  • Spending money can allow you to do a lot more in less time.
  • Learning to spend money takes some practice, and mistakes can happen at the start.
  • When you don't have money, spending time is the only option, so you will find a way to do things cheaper.
  • By spending mostly time, you might work mostly alone, and this can lead to burnout if not managed properly.
  • Spending money helps creators move faster and focus on their strengths when spent correctly.
  • Spending money raises stakes to make things right and puts more pressure on decisions.
  • I recommend starting by investing time to know the niche and know how you like to work. Then, use money to make things better for you as a creator.

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