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A rant about all-in-one tools for creators (podcast 6)

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  • All-in-one tools are incredibly convenient for creators by combining into 1 tool, which usually requires several tools.
  • A popular example is Substack, which replaces a WordPress website and MailChimp newsletter.
  • All-in-one tools can save creators a lot of money by combining these features into 1 service.
  • I don't like to rely on all-in-one tools for the most important things in my digital life. I like to spread the risk.
  • Example: I lost backups in the past, so I now place security over convenience.
  • All-in-one tools might be okay at several things but not great at everything. I prefer to use the best tool for each job, even if I require more tools.
  • Avoid the trap of using all the features an all-in-one tool has just because they have it.
  • Use the tool that works better for you (episode 3)