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Stop changing tools. Focus on publishing more (podcast 7)


  • Stop chasing shiny tools: this often results in wasted time and energy as the excitement fades and the reality kicks in.
  • Learning a new tool takes time: you need to familiarize yourself with its features, shortcuts, and potential issues - things that aren't usually covered in reviews or news.
  • Constantly changing tools are a distraction: ask yourself 'what are your goals?' and 'will changing tools help you achieve these goals more quickly?
  • Change only when it's painful: don't avoid changes, but make sure they are necessary and beneficial for your work, not just chasing a trend.
  • Don't chase the 'perfect tool': the perfect tool doesn't exist, and if your problems persist across different tools, I bet the problem is the process, not the tools.
  • The fear factor: the hesitation to publish mostly comes from fear, as mentioned in episode 2.
  • Valid reasons for change: 2 good reasons to change are when prices change dramatically or the tool doesn't allow you to do something you need.