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The biggest reason you aren't growing is... (podcast #8)


  • Publishing more isn't the solution to everything: commit to publishing at a rate you feel comfortable, if you can't do it every week it's okay.
  • Create every day, publish when it's ready: you need to create content almost every day to keep working on your projects. But you also have to be calm and only release when things are ready.
  • Publishing every week didn't work for me: I published every week to overcome the fear of being a creator. It helped with that, but my content wasn't well planned and was basically shit.
  • Quantity vs quality: you need a bit of both. You can release some content and improve it over time, but other times, you have to wait to release a version that's ready.
  • Release good stuff: this should be the main goal, so people have a good reason to follow you and your content.